Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Annual Family Picnic

Last Sunday was a picture perfect day for our Annual Family Picnic. Preceding the picnic the Annual Parent’s Meeting was held at our Great Hill residence. Approximately 20 parents, family members and/or guardians were in attendance. They met with the Director of Adult services to learn of the program’s accomplishments, developments and the challenges for the upcoming new year.

The picnic was held at Greys beach in Yarmouthport and attendance was a little more than 100 which included the individuals, staff, family and friends. A traditional barbeque of cheeseburgers with fruit salad, vegetable salad and pasta salad was enjoyed by all. After lunch was served the individuals enjoyed spending time with their families either sitting under the shade trees or on the beach swimming for the rest of the afternoon. You know you have met with success when the individuals are already asking about next year’s picnic.

Submitted by:
Cindy Loring


  1. It was a wonderful time! Thank you. =D

  2. Only 20 parents attended???? Thank goodness for the kindness your staff provides to those that the parents couldn't be bothered to come. This should have been a special day
    for them.........Shame on you who couldn't make the effort........