Friday, December 14, 2012

TIP of the WEEK: Learn to Love the Dandelions

M. P. Horban once told the story of a retired businessman who took great pride in his yard. But he had a problem. Try as he would, he could not get rid of the pesky crop of dandelions that ruined his otherwise perfect turf. He used the finest grass seed and the newest weed killers. But the dandelions still appeared, bright yellow over his beautiful lawn. Finally he wrote to a gardening expert. The reply included several suggestions and closed with this advice: "If none of these work, I suggest you learn to love dandelions."

I think of this story at least once a week when I find myself over focusing on changing a behavior. We can try all of the tricks in our bag but they don't work for every child. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait and watch and love the dandelions no matter what form they take!

Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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  1. Thanks Patrice. What a good reminder. Sometimes the dandelions are more fun than the constant toil in trying to care for the lawn.