Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween Bowling Party

Many of our Adults look forward to Saturday mornings when they attend the Sunshine Capers Special Olympics Bowling. We start at 10am and each bowler bowls 3 strings. We have 7 Candlepin Bowlers and 7 Ten Pin Bowlers. Matt M, a Ten Pin Bowler bowls on a Unified Partner Team. A Unified Team is where Special Olympic bowlers are matched up with volunteers to comprise their team. We have 15 adults who enjoy bowling.

This past weekend was the Annual Halloween Party, the bowlers bowled in their costumes. There was a Costume Parade where prizes were given for the best costume and the staff at Ryan’s Amusements were the judges. The Monster Mash was playing while the individuals paraded around the tables. Derek won a prize for being the Joker. After the Costume Parade pizza was enjoyed by all of the bowlers. It was a great morning of competition and exercise and our bowlers left with smiles on their faces.

Submitted by:
Cindy Loring

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

TIP of the WEEK: Then and Now

As we come up on the PWSAUSA National Conference I cannot help but remember the first conference that I attended many years ago and the deep impact that it had on me personally and professionally. At that first conference, I met brand new parents and have had the honor of watching their children grow to near adulthood. I met people who made a choice to dedicate their lives to people living with PWS; the doctors, care givers, therapists of many different kinds. I saw their passion and creativity and it inspired and encouraged me. I was given phone numbers and email addresses and was told to use them freely when (not if) I encountered a situation that stumped me, and I took them up on that offer. It was the people that I met at that first conference that got me through that very difficult first year of the PWS experience.

When you attend conferences, fundraisers or parent meetings be that person who inspires the new comers and offers support. I am still here, still fighting the fight, still impassioned and still curious because a handful of people encouraged me to stick with it, who made me laugh when all I thought I could do was cry and walk away. I hope that I have returned the favor throughout the years and I ask that anytime you have the opportunity to please do the same. Your experience and enthusiasm are invaluable to new parents and providers.

I hope to see you all in Orlando!

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll
Manager PWS Services

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