Friday, May 9, 2014

Announcing Latham Lifelong Pet Care at Paws at the Beach Pet Party!

Latham Centers announces its new vocational program, Latham Lifelong Pet Care! This program offers paid opportunities for our children and adults via community dog walking and pet care services.  

Katrina Fryklund now accepting dog walking referrals 774.587.7612
Learn more at

Look for our Latham Lifelong Pet Care vendor booth at Paws at the Beach Pet Party on Saturday between 11 and 3pm, at Craigville Beach 997 Craigville Beach Rd. Centerville,  our first pet focused event. 

Latham will be amongst 40 other exhibitors celebrating dogs on Cape Cod. This is your last weekend to bring your furry friends to this popular beach until fall, so bring your entire family to enjoy this fun-filled day!

Katrina Fryklund, MSC
Development Associate

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