Friday, March 6, 2015

TIP of the WEEK: Facing Big Changes

Graduations, moving, new jobs- these are all major life changes that effect all of us. For those who struggle with even minor transitions, these big events take careful planning.

1. Focus on what will be the same. Find similarities from past experiences to soften the transition and create sameness. If they enjoyed certain aspects of past jobs or places that they lived then focus on what will be similar in the next job or living arrangement.

2. Allow for stress. Make time to wind down, even more than usual. Take frequent breaks in the day and keep expectations low in the beginning. Slowly add tasks and demands when you notice a decrease in anxiety.

3. Be proactive. If you know that this next chapter will bring changes to routines then be ready with new schedules and frequent reinforcers for making it through each step.

I don't think anyone could say it better than our recent graduate, Ayanna. Her words for her fellow students shows us that even the biggest changes can be met with wisdom and grace.

Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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